Summer Clearance cover.png

Yo, CHECK IT.....It's CLEARANCE SALE TIME and we are, like, so STOKED!


Summer Clearance Schedule:


20% OFF July 5th-July 10th

30% OFF July 12th- July 17th

40% OFF July 19th-July 24th

50% OFF July 26th-July 31st

60% OFF August 2nd-August 7th

70% OFF August 9th-13th

We have a full store of so many TOTALLY RAD items! Whether you need more gnarly clothing for this year or look ahead to next Spring and Summer, our store is like, the coolest place to stop and check things out. Also, CHECK IT....think about that TOTALLY BODACIOUS sunny weather trip you might take over the winter where you need the next size shorts. The Clearance Sales at Village Kids are ALL THAT AND A BAG OF CHIPS!