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Common questions about our Consignment Process

If you have a question that is not listed here, please feel free to call the shop at 616-682-2848 or email us at

What percentage do consignors receive?

Consignors receive 40% of the final selling price.  You can receive their selling proceeds anytime the store is open and do not have to wait until the end of your consignment period. You can choose to use your proceeds to make purchases in the store or receive cash/check.  

What brands do you take or not take?

We accept most brands. The brands that we do not accept in regular clothing are the store brands such as, Falls Creek, Faded Glory, Cherokee, Cat and Jack, Jumping Beans, Arizona, etc. If in doubt, you can always bring it in. We do accept some of those bands in footwear, outerwear, pajamas and bathing suits. 

How long is your consignment period?

The Consignment period is 6 weeks and begins when items are tagged for sale, not the day you drop the off. At the end of consignment many consignors choose to have items donated. We currently donate to Manna's Market of Barry County where clothing is given free to children and families in need.

If you would prefer to retrieve unsold items, you must contact the store during your ending week to arrange a pick-up time.

​What items do you take? What does "wearable" items mean? ​

​We accept clothing (including bathing suits), shoes, tights, pajamas, and footwear. We also accept items such as sports footwear (soccer cleats, football cleats, golf shoes etc), ice skates, ski helmets, nicer socks (Smart Wool, UnderArmour, etc) and life jackets during the appropriate seasons. We accept dance wear (leotards, dance/ballet shoes) and gymnastics apparel.

Wearable items are items you would normally find in your closet. We do not accept toys, baby equipment, maternity clothing, feeding equipment, stuffed animals, decorative items or books.

If you have other types of items you are wanting to consign we can help refer you to a store that can assist you with your non-wearable items.


How do you determine price?

At Village Kids, each item stands on its own merit. Characteristics such as brand, style, age, condition, demand, and past selling history are all factored into each pricing decision. Since each item is individually priced, until we see an item, we have no way of knowing how much we could ask for it.

Should I have a garage/yard sale first (or mom2mom sale)?

If you are thinking of consigning AND having a yard sale, do so in that order. CONSIGN FIRST! Let Village Kids choose and sell your better items (netting you more money when the items sell) and THEN let the yard sale shoppers buy the remaining items for the lower amount they would normally offer anyway. Our conisignment process is designed to make it very easy for you. Just drop off and let us do the work! Our shoppers are looking for your better brands and best condition items and are willing to pay much more than yard sale shoppers.

How much can I bring? Can I bring all seasons?


We do not place a limit on the number of items you can bring at one time. However, we do ask that items clean and in the current season. You can check our season calendar here. There are items that we consider early season items (capri pants, 3/4 length sleeves etc) and some items we take year round (jeans, suiting, party dresses). If you are not sure if an item is in season, bring it with you and we can help!

How will I know if something sells? How am I paid?

We allow our consignors to have access  to an on-line account which will show you the items available in the store, items that have sold, and your account balance. The on-line accounts update at the end of each business day. Access to your on-line account is a free service to our consignors.

You may receive the proceeds from the sale of your items anytime the store is open. Some consignors use their money to shop, some consignors use some money to shop and receive a check or cash for the rest. Some consignors prefer to receive a check once a year, some come in for their money whenever they are in the neighborhood. We leave the decision on how to use your money in your hands!

What if an item does not sell?

At the end of the consignment period you are offered the option to retrieve any item(s) that may not have sold or to have those items donated to one of our direct use charities. If you would like to retrieve unsold items, you are required to contact the store and schedule a day to pick up. We will have items ready for your arrival. Reconsigning items is a possibility and can be discussed at the time you contact the store.

Clients that choose to donate unsold items only have to come into the store to retrieve their money! We handle all the donations and tracking donations for you to receive a tax deduction receipt at the end of the year. 

I heard you are super picky and consignment items have to be "almost new". What does "almost new" mean?

It is true, our shoppers are super picky! Their buying power is what dictates the standards in our store, and they will pay more for items that are in "almost new" condition. So please, if you have items that are returned to you as 'no thank you' items, please understand it is never personal, it is based on experience of what will sell.

"Almost New" refers to clothing and other items are in such good condition they could be mistaken for new items and show no damage. 

"Damage" is displayed in many forms: For fabrics, it could be something such as a hole, pilling, a shiny area or darker area than the rest of the garment, snags, missing or broken buttons, ring around the collar or cuffs etc. ​For shoes, damage could be worn heels or soles, or a footprint embossed in the shoes bottom liner or worn/scratches in the leather. Damage could also refer to excessive wash wear, missing beading or rhinestones/sequins, fraying on the bottom hems of pants and thinning of the fabric in the knees of pants.

If you are not sure whether an item would pass our shopper's criteria, bring it with you and we can assist you in deciding if the item(s) are marketable.

How do I get shoes in marketable condition?

Shoes will always sell best when they are clean!! Here are some tips for getting your shoes ready for a quick sale in the shop!

1) Look at the shoes when they are sitting on your bathroom or kitchen counter. This will give you the right perspective to look at where they need to be spot cleaned.

2) Magic Erasers can be used on the rubber sides of tennis shoes, sandals (crocs) and even on some patent leathers to get marks off. Always make sure to test in an inconspicuous spot first as magic erasers can sometimes take color off certain materials.

3) Fantastic kitchen cleaner (or another non-bleach household cleaner) along with a stiff brush can clean most foot beds and canvas.

4) Many shoes can be washed in the washing machine and allowed to air dry.

5) After you have given the shoes a good cleaning, check to make sure they are in sellable condition (leather is not scratched, no tears, laces are intact, etc).

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